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Our Story

Fierce Futures CIC was founded in December 2022 by Anna Grace Du Noyer - the survivor of a lifetime of profoundly traumatising, life-altering experiences.

Anna was a victim of child abuse, sexual violence, and domestic violence alongside the stark and primitive suicide of her father followed by the traumatic, untimely death of her mother - all by the age of 30.

Despite the cards she has been dealt, Anna is now 36 and a successful PR agency CEO, fashion entrepreneur, public speaker, author, musician, and mentor. She is passionate about demonstrating the power of creativity and learning to women who feel bound by their experiences.

Anna's journey to fulfilment began with an act of courage, creativity and self-expression, in the publication of her first poetry collection that laid her inner demons out for all to read.

Step by step, she found her fierce, and pursued her goals, her own way.

Anna no longer shape-shifts or shrinks, to meet others' expectations. She stopped dimming down her own light and took the leap of honest vulnerability. She's never looked back.


Today, Anna is proud to be happy, thriving, authentic, and fierce while - importantly - remaining kind and compassionate.

Her message to others is clear: Your story is still being written, make sure it's a story you're proud to tell. You are not bound by your past, your trauma is not the sole determiner of your future. Feel the fear, embrace your fierce, and forge your own path.


This is the spirit of Fierce Futures CIC.

We stand with marginalised women and girls who have faced sexual violence, trauma, and isolation. Our mission is to ignite their inner fire and help them blaze their own trail towards a brighter future.

We are focused on elevating their aspirations, unlocking their potential, and guiding them towards happiness, health, and fulfilment. Through projects that unleash their self-expression and creativity, we provide opportunities for growth and learning.

We are a trauma-informed community, fostering resilience, culture, and self-development.


With our support, women can discover the power to forge their own fierce future.

 Meet the Team


Fierce Futures CIC  CIC Projects 2022

Style Swap Social - free clothes-swapping events, that support communities through the cost of living crisis, while partnering with sexual violence support charity, RASA Merseyside and Liverpool-based homelessness charity, The Whitechapel Centre. Further events are scheduled throughout 2023, with plans to expand to Liverpool, Chester and London 

Find out how to get involved

Style Swap Social 2023

 Join the #StyleSwapChallenge2023 to support victims of sexual violence by hosting your own sustainable fashion swap party


Creative Workshops - Spring 2023

Watch this space for more details on our programme of workshops and events themed around fashion, crafts, music and writing. 



Would you like to use your skills and expertise to support victims of sexual violence, and women who have experienced marginalisation and trauma?


Fierce Futures CIC  has voluntary opportunities, including roles that will help to shape our future.


As a new organisation, we are in the process of developing our strategic aims and governance structure. 


We are looking to expand our team to include diverse members that have a range of skills and lived experience - both of which are essential to good decision making.

Applications are especially welcome from women who have been victims of sexual violence and trauma​​​



Tell us how we can help

Help us to shape out programme of FREE creative workshops and learning  activities

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