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Fierce Females invited to former gentleman's club, The Athenaeum to celebrate Liverpool on 8th March

Liverpool’s Fierce Females invited to celebration of inspirational local women at the exclusive city centre venue, private member's club The Athenaeum

On March 8th, the Athenaeum will host local female-led, Fierce Futures CIC who are putting on a a girl-powered celebration that you won't want to miss, on International Women's Day.

And what better place to do it, than at the Liverpool Athenaeum - the city's exclusive - and historic venue - which was once a gentleman’s club, but now welcomes members of all genders and walks of life.

The celebration be in two parts, with the first activity completely FREE - with glass of bubbly, and a tour included!

From 5:30 to 7pm, the doors to The Athenaeum will be opened for members of the public to enjoy a FREE guided tour of the stunning venue - and a complimentary glass of bubbly in the breathtaking library.

Guests will have the opportunity to network and chat with the club members and the friendly team of staff; getting a taste of what it feels like to be a member. But be quick - these FREE tickets are limited, and they are going fast. Registration is essential.

Later on, get ready for drinks, posh bites and entertainment, from some very special guests at the ‘evening do’ coined as a ‘Celebration of Liverpool Women’.

Early bird tickets are on sale now - a steal at just £20 - but only until 15th February.

There are now only a small number of early bird tickets left. Once they're gone, they're gone.... they will automatically increase to £30 per head on February 15th and £35 per head on 1st March.

This celebration marks the launch of a brand new programme of activities organised by local, female-focussed non-profit organisation. Fierce Futures, whose mission is to “empower women to forge fierce futures through creativity, self-expression, and learning”. They will be sharing more on the programme of FREE activities during the event, but promise ‘creative workshops, exclusive learning experiences, and one-to-one mentorship programs’

The programme will be open to local women who feel they've been held back by low self-esteem or life experiences.

Anna Grace Du Noyer, who is the founder of Fierce Futures, will be speaking during the evening, as part of a Q&A panel of amazing local women. The theme of discussion is breaking down barriers, and overcoming difficult experiences, leading to personal fulfilment.

And trust us, you won't want to miss Anna's story of remarkable resilience and inspiring authenticity - which anyone who has read her harrowingly candid trauma healing blog will will already know.

She said “I feel passionately about creating opportunities for women raise their aspirations, find their fierce and live happy and fulfilled lives. Because of my own lived experience - and that of our Fierce Futures team - we feel particularly driven to engage victims of sexual violence and abuse in our program of creative, educational and self-esteem building activities.

We also encourage women with lived experience of trauma (of any kind) to get in touch and tell us if there are any specific activities they feel would like to access, nut haven’t been able to - for any reason - cost, location or technology barriers for example. We will do our best to cater for diverse range of interests and needs”

On the big night, at The Athenaeum, club member Anna, has revealed that guests can expect a top secret announcement from an unnamed special guest.

The only information released so far is that ticket holders will be be the first to hear about a groundbreaking event, right here in Liverpool, this Summer.

A source close to the event let slip “this is going to be something Liverpool hasn’t seen before… it will be a big boost for local people and businesses, creative communities - let’s just say, it's going to be the perfect antidote to the post-Eurovision blues.”

Mysterious! So grab your tickets and your gal pals for a night of celebration, inspiration, and feeling fierce.

Register now to secure your spot at this one-off event.



Anna Grace Du Noyer

p: +4407932886966

Notes for editors

FIERCE FUTURES CIC (Company No. 14551209)

“At Fierce Futures CIC, we believe in the untapped potential of marginalised women and girls. That's why we're on a mission to ignite their inner fire and break down the barriers holding them back. Working with specialist partner agencies, we support survivors of sexual violence, trauma, and isolation, guiding them on a journey towards self-discovery and empowerment. Our projects aim to spark creativity, foster aspirations, and cultivate resilience. We do this by creating opportunities that develop self-esteem, self-awareness and teach in-demand skills, that equip learners for success on our participants chosen path. We are a trauma-informed force for change, inspiring women to lead happy, healthy, and fulfilled lives. With us, they can discover a world of possibility, a community of support, and the courage to forge their own fierce future.”

During the last decade of the 18th Century, England was embroiled in a long and costly war with France. As the major port on the western seaboard of England, Liverpool played a key role in this war.

If Liverpool’s merchants and other professionals were to carry on trade and assist the port’s growth, they were in vital need of commercial and political information.

Information of this nature was almost exclusively gleaned from newspapers and periodicals. The usual way to read these was in coffee houses, which were frequently overcrowded and noisy. The need for a congenial environment in which to read the papers was obvious. Thus, a number of the leading citizens conceived the idea of establishing such a setting, and so the principle of the founding of a club was born.


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