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Unlock the Power of AI: New Step-by-Step Guide to Scaling Your Business Using ChatGPT

Business owners and sole traders now have a free, powerful and game-changing tool at their disposal to help them set up and scale their businesses faster and more efficiently - A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) tool, ChatGPT.

However, many entrepreneurs are not taking advantage of this powerful tool, due to misconceptions about its complexity. In reality, ChatGPT is easy to use once you learn the basics, and it can save you both time and money. And the best part? It's currently available for free.

A new book has been released that makes it easy for business owners to get to grips with the tool. The book, ChatGPT for Startups, is written in simple language that can be understood by anyone - no tech background required - the dip-in-dip-out format means you can pick it up and learn something new, whichever page you open and however much time you have to dedicate to reading.

“ChatGPT is an opportunity that is too good to miss – igore it at your own risk” says the book’s Author, Amir Hegazi who is also Managing Partner at CapitalDemocracy, a professional advisory firm that helps startups raise venture capital.

Author, Amir Hegazi

As an early pioneer of digital media in the Arab world, he launched the region’s largest online TV network at JumpTV, and is an advisor to ministers and policy-makers.

"ChatGPT is a game-changing technology that can help startups take their businesses to the next level," says Amir Hegazi. "With this book, readers will learn how to use ChatGPT to for financial forecasting, to automate routine tasks, generate new ideas, and improve customer engagement."

Liverpool non-profit Fierce Futures CIC are working with Amir to programme a series of FREE ChatGPT workshops and Q&A sessions for marginalised groups, sole traders and business owners or those simply with an business idea, who don’t know where to start.

Anna Grace Du Noyer, founder of Fierce Futures CIC said “AI tools such as ChatGPT level the playing field in tech. Fierce Wife Group (parent company of Fierce PR) and Fierce Futures CIC work to promote accessibility in business, digital and creative. It is our mission to level the playing field and help people to raise their aspirations, regardless of socio-economic background, life experience, or education. With the right support and tools, anything is achievable.”

The sessions will be available online and in person (UK). Contact for more information



Amir Hegazi is a lifelong entrepreneur, with over 20 years of startup, tech, E-commerce, and digital media experience. He is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at CapitalDemocracy, a global professional advisory firm that helps outstanding founders and startups raise venture capital. He also serves as an advisory board member for multiple startups across diverse sectors and geographies. Amir was previously the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at intoMENA Group and the Director of Marketplace at, MENA’s largest e-commerce platform (acquired by He is also one of the early pioneers of digital media in the Arab world, having launched the region’s largest online TV networks at JumpTV and Talfazat. (JumpTV raised £120 million and completed an IPO dual listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange before being acquired by Neulion in 2008.) He is also an advisor on tech startups, entrepreneurial ecosystems, go-to-market, and e-commerce strategies for ministers, policy-makers, and founders. Amir is the author of bestsellers Startup Arabia and Ecosystem Arabia, both of which were recognised as “Startup Books to Read” in 2019 and 2020, respectively, by Book Authority.

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