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Where Poetry and Music Meet

I am a lifelong logophile if not an out-and-out verbivore - a lover of words.

The patterns and sounds of language are fascinating to the lover of words. Poetry comes as Harry Behn writes (1968) from falling in love with language. Rebecca Kai Dotlich says in 'A Kingdom of Words,' that a word may seem to be just a word, but a poet can create 'a kingdom around it.'"

My words are in a sense my kingdom. All of me.

Some of you may know already that I am a published poet; my semi-biographical collection, Fear is a Liar - from which some of the tracks on our up coming EP Hurricane Hill are based.

Poetry shines a sideways light on the world. I like to tease the message out succinctly but with powerful prose. Every word counts. As a creative, I treasure reading and writing poems, in the same way I relish in music and all of the arts. Words have the authority to define the human experience, and the means to let us FEEL things.

And with a melody providing a new take on my prose, I am interested if fans of our music give poems a chance through fresh eyes!

You can read the song lyrics in a new blog, coming soon.


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