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Woo! Excellent press review from French music magazine LITZIC

My songs = “Creative madness!” 😂 Whether lost in translation or not… loving this write up on my track Shoot Me in French music magazine LitZic’s “ones to watch” list!


“Women carve out a good lion's share in this playlist 25, proof of their creative madness, whatever the style in which they evolve. It's hard not to succumb to the poisonous charm of Erasing Grace and her Shoot Me, which reminds us of the heyday of Nirvana and grunge. Yes, but what is true at the start of the record is then nuanced and magnified by almost pop forays (in short, the right balance of grunge, melodic pop and abrasive metal / punk).

We do not hide from you that the lyrics are black (it scrolls in the clip). And it took a fucking singer to give her an incarnation. Her voice works wonders, between a certain sweetness and the scratchy side of the voice which shows a never useless tension. In short, we validate at 200%.”

Read full review here

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